Join us at Lyte.

Create smart and meaningful solutions for millions of freelancers across the world.

Lyte is where the future of work begins.

We work from the heart

The work that we (and you!) do will create a lasting impact for millions of freelancers around the world, making it extra meaningful for all of us.

We are the future of work-from-anywhere

Many of us are freelancers, part-timers, and side hustlers while having a full-time job – and we understand the importance of flexibility. That’s why we believe in working from anywhere that works best for us.

We are full of diversity

Some of us are a little geeky while some are bursting with crazy ideas – that’s what makes our team uniquely us! Our individual superpowers keep Lyte buzzing.

We are Lyte-hearted.

We are go-getters that love working in high-performance teams and solving challenging problems. But even more so, part of our success comes from celebrating diverse ideas, caring deeply for each other, and coming together to make up one very happy team.

We learn and we thrive, together.

One of the key things to know about the Lyte team is that we seek for opinions, debate, and sometimes disagree. But that’s how we discover “lyte-bulb” moments and come up with breakthrough solutions.

Learning and deep diving is a big part of us. We work with a spirit of inquiry to develop our skills and achieve our best.

  • Weekly learning and sharing sessions
  • Work-study flexibility
  • Leadership development

Get to know us.

“Joining lyte was like meeting a family.”

Joining Lyte was like meeting a family. It is exciting and enjoyable to work with talented leaders and peers who are always willing to teach and share.

We are always seeking to improve ourselves together, and the support from one another is very encouraging.

Ain, Singapore
Front-end Designer

We are always growing.

Since the start of the pandemic, our team has doubled. And we are on the lookout for more talents to join us in making a difference and path the way towards a brighter and greater future of work.

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