Job Vacancy

Data Scientist Trainee #SGUnitedTraineeships

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Job Position
Data Scientist Trainee #SGUnitedTraineeships
Job Duration
9 months traineeship leading to a permanent position
Job Requirements

Qualification required:

A bachelor’s degree in data science and analytics or in a related field

Eligibility Criteria for SGUnitedTraineeships:

Singapore Citizen; and

  1. Graduated or graduating in calendar year 2019 or 2020; or
  2. Graduated and completed National Service in 2019 or 2020.
Scope of Work

As a trainee data scientist, you will work with Lyte’s data scientist to support our product, leadership, innovation,and marketing team with insights gained from analysing data and using predictive methods. You will learn a wide range of technical competencies including statistics, machine learning, simulations, databases, reporting technologies.

Trainee to be involved in:

  1. Scraping, cleaning, modifying and analysing data
  2. Using predictive modelling to improve product pricing, marketing efforts, new business models, risk handling and other business outcomes
  3. Applying machine learning techniques
  4. Setting up automated reports
  5. Building apps with R/Python
  6. Presenting findings to colleagues and upper management


Job Highlights

Technical Skills and Competencies Trainee will learn:

  1. Gain experience in efficiently coding with R/Python
  2. Learn how to extract information from a database (SQL)
  3. Learn how to scrape, mine, clean, modify and analyse data
  4. Learn about and how to apply machine learning techniques
  5. Learn how to use simulation techniques
  6. Learn how to set-up automated reports
  7. Learn how to create apps with R/Python
  8. How to work independently and as a team.
  9. How to engage colleagues and present work findings
Job Application

Email your CV and cover letter to [email protected].