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Service Desk Engineer

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Job Position
Service Desk Engineer
Job Duration
Job Requirements
  1. 2+ years of experience as a help desk/service desk engineer
  2. Familiarity with Azure Active Directory is an advantage
  3. Familiarity Windows; and Mac operating systems
  4. Familiarity with Microsoft 365 applications:
    1. Office Suites
    2. Outlook
    3. Teams
    4. OneDrive/SharePoint
    5. Intune Endpoint Management
  5. Passion for learning new technologies and methodologies to devise improved solutions.
  6. Dedicated to good teamwork and delivery of high-quality results.
  7. Able to communicate effectively in written and spoken English.
  8. Resourceful and able to look for solutions outside fields of existing competencies.
Scope of Work
  1. Provide L1/L2 support to Lyte employees and escalate to respective L3/L2 support as needed
  2. IT inventory management
  3. Track/monitor problem status and follow-up with resolving parties
  4. Able to provide support both in person and remotely
Job Highlights

About Lyte

Based in Singapore, Lyte Ventures provides financing solutions to freelancers and SMEs around the world. Driven by the desire to empower individuals and businesses alike, Lyte Ventures is committed to create opportunities for everyone through our digital platforms.

We hold fast to our core values of Integrity, Empathy, and Foresight in our strategy, design, and innovation.

Our Team

We believe in empowering a diverse range of individuals working as a cohesive team to build great products; Building amazing teams takes time, effort, and your deep commitment to the team.

As part of our team, we will expect you to ruthlessly examine work processes, challenge assumptions, and incrementally run experiments to figure out how to improve performance.

We expect you to make mistakes, and we will always try to catch you when you fall. We also expect you to never stop trying to improve your team, and yourself. And yes, we have fun too!

Job Application

Email your CV and cover letter to [email protected] and [email protected].