LyteWinners Program: General Terms and Conditions

Last modified: 29 September 2020

1. Eligibility

1.1 By using the LytePay platform, you may be a member of the LyteWinners program named and operated by LytePay Pte Ltd (“LytePay“) and/or its affiliates (the “LyteWinners Program“) subject to Clauses 1.2 and 1.3.

1.2 Upon successful registration for both: –

  • a LytePay account and participation in LyteMoney; and
  • a Talent Card,

all LytePay users shall automatically be accorded with “LyteWinner Participant” status and may commence accumulating LytePay points (“LytePoints“) from qualifying transactions under the Program. The LyteWinners Program participation is non-transferable and shall be for personal use of the LytePay user only.

1.3 Notwithstanding Clause 1.2, only property agents of ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd shall have the right to be accorded “LyteWinner Participant” status provided that he or she has successfully signed-up for LyteMoney on the LytePay platform.

2. LyteWinners

2.1 LyteWinners is a digital reward point system that LytePay issues to you for your continued engagement on the LytePay platform. LytePay issues LytePoints to you solely for use on the LytePay platform in accordance with these LyteWinners Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms” or “Terms and Conditions“).

2.2 By participating in engagement activities on the LytePay Platform, including obtaining LytePoints in any manner, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to these Terms, which constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and LytePay under applicable law.

3. Earning LytePoints

3.1 A LyteWinner Participant can accumulate LytePoints in the manner as elaborated in Clauses 3.2 and 3.3 below.

3.2 One Hundred (100) LytePoints are earned by a LyteWinner Participant for every one (01) Singapore dollar (SGD 1.00) cashed out through the LytePay Platform by either: –

  • a direct electronic bank transfer to the LyteWinner Participant’s bank account, or
  • a top-up to his or her approved Talent Card.

3.3 In addition, LytePoints can be earned through the following actions as undertaken by a LyteWinner Participant: –

LytePoints Action Undertaken
5,000 Cashing out all available LyteMoney from your LytePay account
5,000 Complete and submit LytePay’s user survey on the LytePay platform
20,000 Email LytePay at telling us how you used the LytePay app after making a cashout on the LytePay platform
20,000 Follow and like LytePay’s social media accounts (Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook), tag five (05) or more property agents on our “LyteWinners” post
50,000 Syncing LyteMoney balance for the first time (i.e. signing up with JIT)
50,000 Signing up for the Talent Card
50,000 (i) Posting a photo of yourself with the LytePay platform on your social media (Instagram and/or Facebook) account and tagging LytePay OR sharing how you use LytePay on your social media account; (ii) tagging the official LytePay social media account; and (iii) sending a screenshot of your cashout to

For the avoidance of doubt, the above actions can only be performed by a LyteWinner Participant once.

3.4 LytePoints have no cash or monetary value and LytePoints shall not be exchanged for currency in any form. Under no circumstances shall LytePoints be purchased, resold or transferred by, or to, users, for monetary value or otherwise. Save for where expressly permitted by LytePay, LytePoints shall not be regarded, construed, implied, or used as valuable or exchangeable instruments under any circumstance.

4. Issuance and Accumulation

4.1 The issuance of LytePoints may be subject to the additional terms and conditions determined by LytePay or the third-party merchant (as the case may be).

4.2 The quantity and availability of LytePoints issued to you when you participate in engagement activities on the LytePay Platform shall be determined by LytePay at its sole discretion.

4.3 A record of your LytePoints balance will be recorded and maintained by the Organisation and will be updated and sent to you bi-weekly.

4.4 LytePay reserves the right to withhold the issuance of LytePoints earned until the transactions, including payment, are completed.

5. Benefits

5.1 As a participant of the LyteWinners Program, you will gain access to the e-vouchers, promotions, discounts, free gifts, promotion codes and other benefits offered by LytePay and/or third-party merchants from time to time. LytePoints may be exchanged for (a) electronic voucher(s) for users to obtain discounts or other benefits on products listed on LytePay platform, (b) discounted or complimentary products and/or services as offered by LytePay, (c) participation in promotional events and/or user engagement tools and mechanics on LytePay Platform, and/or (d) any other products, rewards, services, electronic or physical vouchers, as LytePay may announce or notify to you from time to time (collectively “LytePoints Rewards“).

5.2 LytePay may, at its sole and absolute discretion, award you LytePoints which can be used to redeem for LytePoints Rewards upon the completion of the qualifying transactions. You may earn LytePoints by such methods as are provided for by the Company from time to time.

6. Redemption

6.1 The LytePoints accumulated will be converted into chances for the Lucky Draw. The LytePoints will be converted in accordance to the following ratio: –

1 LytePoint = 1 Lucky Draw Chance

7. Expiry of LytePoints

7.1 LytePoints expire four (04) months after they are credited to your LytePay user account. Expiration dates are rounded up to the final day of the month which LytePoints expire. To illustrate, if 10 LytePoints are credited to your LytePay user account on 1 September 2020, it shall expire on 31 December 2020. LytePay reserves the right to alter the expiration date of any LytePoints issued to you at its sole discretion, and without prior notice to you. You acknowledge and agree that LytePay shall not be liable for any losses that you, or any third party, incur as a result of an alteration of the expiration date of LytePoints.

7.2 Any LytePoints issued to any User can be exchanged for LytePoints Rewards only during the time period specified by LytePay, subject to the availability of the applicable LytePoints Reward. The time period during which you may exchange LytePoints for LytePoints rewards may be specified or amended by LytePay at any time, included after the initial launch of the promotional scheme, program or activity which allows you to exchange LytePoints for LytePoints rewards.

7.3 Upon your cessation to be a participant of the LyteWinners Program, all then outstanding LytePoints at such point of time shall be automatically cancelled.

8. General

8.1 LytePay reserves the right to cancel or void any LytePoints issued to a user, any orders placed in connection with any LytePoints, including where used in conjunction with a Voucher, or any orders for products placed in connection with any LytePoints, where it determines or reasonably believes that such user has breached any provision under any terms and conditions applied on the LytePay platform, including but not limited to any terms and conditions or rules as set by LytePay from time to time. For the avoidance of doubt, LytePay may reject a user’s request to redeem LytePoints where LytePay reasonably believes that that the redemption transaction may be suspicious, illegal, involves any criminal activity or involves LytePoints that have been obtained through dishonest or fraudulent means or abusive behavior of the users.

8.2 Fraud, abuse of redemptions or any dishonest activities related to the LyteWinners Program may result in the forfeiture of accumulated LytePoints as well as cancellation of your membership in the LyteWinners Program or termination of your LytePay account.

8.3 To the extent as permitted by applicable laws, the Company reserves the right at any time to: –

8.3.1 vary, modify or amend the terms and conditions of the LyteWinners Program (including adding or deleting any terms);

8.3.2 terminate or modify the LyteWinners Program;

8.3.3 revoke, adjust and/or recalculate any LytePoints awarded;

8.3.4 change the number of LytePoints required for redemption of specific LyteWinners Rewards or substitute any LyteWinners Reward with another of a similar value;

8.3.5 change the number of LytePoints that can be earned on qualifying activities as specified in the LyteWinners Program;

8.3.6 modify the qualifications and eligibility for earning LytePoints as specified in the LyteWinners Program;

8.3.7 modify the activities that earn LytePoints as specified in the LyteWinners Program;

8.3.8 modify the methods used to calculate the number of LytePoints to be awarded;

8.3.9 withhold or cease the awarding of LytePoints to you;

8.3.10 modify the qualifying LytePoints or other criteria for any other promotional event or program (as may be applicable from time to time); and

8.3.11 change the duration taken for LytePoints to expire;

8.4 LytePay may suspend the calculation and accrual of LytePoints to rectify any errors in calculation or adjust the calculation as it reasonably deems fit without giving you prior notice or reason.

8.5 You shall be responsible for any taxes, levies or duties that arise in connection with the issuance of LytePoints to you, your redemption of LytePoints and/or the utilization of LyteWinners Rewards you have redeemed and all costs and expenses relating to the same shall be borne by you.

9. Contact

9.1 All concerns relating to LytePoints, LytePoints Rewards and the LyteWinners Program should be directed to LytePay customer care in writing at

9.2 You agree that any claims in relation to LytePoints shall be made within one (01) month of the issuance date and we may require relevant evidence which may include your personal information to support your claim.