Lyte Ventures hosted NEM101 Singapore meet-up

Lyte Ventures hosted NEM101 Singapore meet-up at IMDA Pixel. NEM, the world’s first “smart asset” blockchain, is an enterprise-grade solution to power the blockchain economy.

LytePay, our financial services platform for freelancers and the gig economy partners with OST

LytePay’s current core service is invoice factoring for freelancers, such as online influencers and web designers. Lytepay is currently in closed beta and it has achieved initial validation, processing more than $400,000 in transactions over the last 3 months. LytePay ..   [Read more]

Gushcloud onboarded onto LytePay

Gushcloud, a global influencer entertainment and marketing company, is onboarded onto LytePay. LytePay has processed over a thousand transactions since.